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Endurance Hiking Pads

Endurance Hiking Pads

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The Endurance Hiking Pads strap directly onto the leg mean they work regardless of the garment you are wearing over the top. The internal grip print and adjustable elastic outer strap ensure they securely stay in place. It is important that they are used the right way up and on there is a left and right pad, this is clearly marked to avoid mistakes and when adjusted correctly they don’t slide or rotate. The hiking pad is made up of four stiff fiberglass battens surrounded in a neoprene padding which will comfortably mould around the leg whilst providing minimal flex to ensure comfortable and efficient hiking. The outer neoprene part of the strap is covered in a plush lining for comfort and grip.

Check your size!

Small length 22cm
Medium length 25cm
Large length 28cm



    - Ergonomically shaped pads for hiking
    - Adjustable leg straps for comfort and fixation
    - Rubberized print to prevent slipping
    - Fiberglass battens
    - Neoprene padding
    - Velcro closure

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